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How to Use a Chocolate Fountain

It is important to understand how to use a chocolate fountain before you get your party started. This party favorite came roaring back into demand recently but was originally popular ... Read More »

Practical Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of major spring cleaning, dusting away at little glass figurines you wish you could throw away but could not because they were ... Read More »

Diamonds – How To Know If A Diamond Is Fake Or Real

A diamond is a girl's best friend! It is a beauty and unique nature makes it easy to admire. Diamond purchasing is a great task and an exciting pleasure. There ... Read More »

Brand Marketing Online – Creating Your Loyal Customer Base The Easy Way

Brand marketing online is easier than your think these days. The average business owner has no clue about the simple tools that you will read about here. Many of your ... Read More »

How to Deliver a Great Wedding Speech Like a Pro

Giving a wedding speech is one of the most dreaded assignments most people avoid. But it should be an honor to be asked to take part of that special moment ... Read More »

What Do Men Wear Under The Kilt?

'An Irishman goes to the local pub to celebrate St.. Patrick's Day, like he does every day, and gets wasted out of his mind. He stumbles outside when the bartender ... Read More »

"I Carry Your Heart With Me," A Discussion of the Poem by E. E. Cummings

The poem, “i carry your heart with me,” by E. E. Cummings has been a favorite love poem and a favorite selection at weddings for many years. The poem has ... Read More »

The Do-It-Yourself or DIY Wedding

Rather than get lost all all the wedding suppliers and having to canvas and compare prices and still not get what you wanted, why not try your hand at doing ... Read More »

Have You Seen The Wedding Groom?

Well, of course you see him. He is the nervous one trying to remember his wedding vows up front. But where has he been all these months before the wedding ... Read More »

How To Pick Up Girls During The Cold, Grey, Stay-At-Home Winter Season

If you live in a cold city you’ve probably noticed that people tend to socially hibernate during the winter season. I knew it all too well as I lived most ... Read More »

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