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Choice of a Bridesmaid Dress

A bridesmaid dress, a dress worn for your friend's most special day, her wedding. If you are given the honor of being a bridesmaid and witness the special event, you ... Read More »

7 Beauty Tips for Looking Younger

Ever since Eve took that first bite of the apple, the human race has been obessed with beauty. The truth is we begin the aging process just as soon as ... Read More »

Wedding Breakfast – What Is The Wedding Breakfast?

Even though the name tends to imply a morning meal, a wedding breakfast is far from what the word ‘breakfast’ is generally used for. The breakfast is, nonetheless, the most ... Read More »

Simple Wedding Dresses – The Epitome of Class and Sophistication

If you are a bride that wants a simple, but gorgeous wedding gown, then consider looking for wedding dresses that live up to the theory "Less is More"! The bride ... Read More »

Bridal Wedding Shoes

You will need to select every last detail to be perfect for your wedding day. Not only does the catering, flowers and dress have to be perfect but also your ... Read More »

Creme of Nature Hair Products Review

Featured in magazines such as Essence, Ebony and Spring Style, Creme of Nature offers organic hair and body care products. Their line is varied and has offers such as relaxers, ... Read More »

Structure, Function and Care of Human Skin

The human skin consistors of two major structures: * Epidermis * Dermis The Epidermis The Epidermis is further subdivided into 5 Layers (from deepest to most superficial layer): * Stratum ... Read More »

Uniforms and Beauty Tunics

Uniforms are a vital part of our working lives. Imagine walking into your local branch of a supermarket chain and not being able to identify who was a member of ... Read More »

Choosing The Best Location For Your Wedding

For many of use the single most important day that we will ever have in our life is going to be our wedding day, with so many things to plan ... Read More »

How to Pack a Bridesmaid Dress For a Flight

So much goes into planning a wedding that often times the smallest issues can be overlooked. One such example is that of bridesmaids who must travel to reach the wedding. ... Read More »

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