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How to Quickly Remove Stains from Your Wedding Dress

Among minor mishaps that can occur on your wedding day, something going wrong with your bridal gown might be the worst of it. Whether you go for one more quick sip of a mimosa before leaving the bridal suite, drop some food on your lap, or realize makeup somehow got on your sleeve when you ... Read More »

Went to see my sister’s

Author: kym-vampire47 Went to see my sister’s dress yesterday; we may have different tastes, but her dress fits her well Author: kym-vampire47 Read More »

How to Postpone Your Wedding

Let’s talk about the thing no one wants to mention… sometimes weddings have to be pushed back. Whether due to family issues, weather, or in the case of recent circumstances, ... Read More »

A Brief History About The Wedding Industry

Author: mondobridal By Donald K.Photography by @avonnephotography More than two million couples married in the United States alone. In Canada, around 115,000 marriages happen daily. China, the most populous country, has 9 million marrying couples every year, spending $19,900 dollars per wedding. Such an escalating rate attracted Read More »

Your Dress and Wedding Planning Essentials

Author: mondobridal By Donald K.Photography by @avonnephotography Wedding planning for most future brides is all about the wedding dress. Since they are ought to be the most beautiful person in her wedding day, most women consider their gown as the major consideration in wedding planning. If you are one Read More »

How to Become a Fashion Model

[ad_1] To become a fashion model one must be of the right height, medium sized and be of 14 to 20 years. In addition, you must have a toned body ... Read More »

The Duties and Responsibilities of Your Wedding Party

[ad_1] Your wedding party is assembled not just to walk down the aisle during your happiest day, but to help you all throughout your wedding from preparation to until the ... Read More »

How to Get Great Clothing and Fashion Jewelry Looks

[ad_1] People have become very trendy these days. There are several kinds of clothing and jewelry. Everyone uses the combination in their own style to get a unique look. Some ... Read More »

Destination Weddings Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

[ad_1] There comes a time in every young woman's life where she finally realizes that she is going to have her wedding – the wedding that she has reasonably dreamed ... Read More »

Start Your Own Jewelry-Making Business

[ad_1] In today’s economy I find so many people trying to figure out ways to make a little extra money in their spare time. One way that’s fun and entertaining ... Read More »