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How to downsize your wedding event?

How to downsize your wedding event?

If you desire to
organise a destination wedding in this COVID-19 time, then you have to ensure
that your wedding party is as small as possible so that it follows the
government-approved limit. As the air service has resumed, you can hire one of
the best exotic destination wedding
planners in India
to organise a wedding ceremony in a beautiful location
anywhere in the country. The problem arises when you have to limit the number
of guests who you would like to attend that meeting. You have to keep in mind
the sentiments of a large family and friends who may feel slighted. However, as
most people are aware of the extraordinary situation we are facing, if you plan
it carefully, you can whittle down the guest list to ensure that it is within
the limit. To help you do it, we have asked one of the best destination wedding planners in Jaipur and shared his thought
in this article which you can follow when making your guest list.

Guest List

The first thing that would allow you to keep
the number of guests to the bare minimum is looking at the guest list
carefully. You have to invite only the closest family members and one or two
friends to attend the destination wedding that you have organised. When you are
selecting your family members, keep in mind their age to figure out whether
they would be able to travel to such long distances and whether they have
comorbidity issues that can affect them adversely in case they are infected
with the COVID-19 virus. We suggest that you should not invite anyone who is
above 70 years of age as the risk factor for such a person increases


If you have already guests at your wedding and
you find that the total number is going way past the number that is approved by
the government for such a social occasion, then you should let them know as
soon as possible. As people know a situation that is prevailing globally, they
would understand the situation. You must reassure them that you would miss them
terribly during the event, but it is beyond you to accommodate them at the
wedding party.

and creative small weddings

Instead of
organising a huge lavish marriage ceremony, we suggest that you should
compromise on a small but creative intimate wedding. You can live stream the
key parts of the marriage ceremony so that those people who are not able to
attend the marriage ceremony can join it on the Virtual

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