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Top Swiss Watches For Elegant Men

Swiss watches are known for their superior quality timekeeping. Their timepieces look awesome through their flawless patterns and also with their sprinkling looks. With the application of cutting-edge technology, their ... Read More »

Handcrafted Bridal Jewelry – Made For That Special Day

Even as a little girl, you have probably dreamed of your fairytale wedding. Now that you're a woman and you finally found your Prince Charming, it's time to turn that ... Read More »

When Can a Man Wear Banded Collar Shirts?

The banded dress shirt collar is purely an informal collar which is a great collar to wear for business casual. If you buttoned the top button for an extra formal ... Read More »

Ideas For Bridesmaid Dresses For a Spring Wedding

What could be more beautiful than a spring wedding? That time of year when nature comes alive makes you want nothing more than to say, "I do." Unfortunately, figuring out ... Read More »

Fall Wedding Flower Arrangements

Most people do not realize the advantage of celebrating a wedding during fall at the sunset of the month of October. Flowers are more abundant during this season and the ... Read More »

Wedding Invitation Ideas: Trends and Styles

Well, it is time to invite! That means you have 3-4 months left to go before your wedding, time and place are known, guest list is already accomplished and you ... Read More »

Men's Style Advice: A Guide to Wearing Leather Jackets

Contrary to what you might think, men's leather jackets are not a thing of the past. In fact, the trend is once more being embroidered by both high end designers ... Read More »

Men's Suits Are the In Thing More Than Ever

After all the buzz over men's wear , it all comes down to this: men's suits are back, and they are must-haves more than ever for the young and young ... Read More »

Finding the Best Men's Suits

While the stylish cut of a dress often personifies a women in runway look, men's suits are the trademark of a smart and good looking man. Although it may be ... Read More »

Men’s Silver Leather Bracelets – A Unique Combination of Metal And Leather

The concept of wearing bracelets spread around the world ever since most of the nations started adopting festivals and special days that were once practiced by the western culture. The ... Read More »

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