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Make a Man Orgasm – 3 Ways to Make Your Man Ejaculate Fast

It’s great to know how to make a man orgasm at will giving you total power over how long sex lasts for. Here are three ways to make your man ... Read More »

The Election Of Souls

The purpose of the election of souls by God is to wed two wives to Christ, to wit the heavenly and the earthly Jerusalem; that they may rule with Him ... Read More »

Tips To Look Stylish In A Retro Dress

Contrary to what most people think, retro clothing is not necessarily vintage. Unlike vintage clothing that refer back to specific time periods when the clothes made it big, retro lies ... Read More »

Are You Tenacious?

My sister never liked it when I used what she called “big words”. I remember making her a poster-sized photo collage for her thirty-fifth wedding anniversary with a heading that ... Read More »

16 Most Inspiring Famous Failures

To succeed in business or life, I came to realize that we must continually take remedial actions. Putting myself on the line day after day can be extremely draining, especially ... Read More »

English Laundry Clothing Puts a New Spin on British Fashion

English Laundry is an upscale brand of clothing designed by Christopher Wicks which features a uniquely English style and attitude. The clothing line borrows heavily from traditional English clothing as ... Read More »

Women’s Jewelry Vs Men’s Jewelry

Jewelry and women are truly two words that cannot be separated. You think of jewelry and the first thing that people will think is women. Even though men’s jewelry has ... Read More »

Debilitation of Lord of Ascendant

The Ascendant is the first house of the horoscope and the rest of the houses are reckoned from it. It indicates the general appearance, character and temperament of the native. ... Read More »

Wedding Dresses – Ballgown Style

The Ball Gown Wedding Dress has a tight fitting bodice with boning and a full skirt. Think Scarlett O'Hara or Cinderella. This style is perfect for a fairy tale wedding ... Read More »

Why You Do not Need to Spend Anywhere Near As Much Money on Your Wedding As Everyone Else

In hard economic times, there is little pride to be taken in spending a lot on a wedding. In fact, most brides will now brag about how much they saved ... Read More »

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