Thursday , 17 October 2019
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A Bride's "Adults-Only" Wedding Drama Is Creating Major Buzz on the Internet

A bride shared the family drama surrounding her “adults only” wedding on Reddit, and the thread is going viral in her support. Source link Read More »

Bride Asks Maid of Honor to Postpone Breast Implants So She Won't Outshine Her at the Wedding

The bride didn’t want to be upstaged by her friend’s new assets. Source link Read More »

Bride Called Out for Banning Bridesmaid's Kid From Destination Wedding at Last Minute

A bride decided to ban kids from her destination wedding at the last minute, after her bridesmaid had booked flights and hotels for her family. Source link Read More »

Outrageous Bride Makes Guests Perform Days of Manual Labor for Wedding

Reddit is calling out a bride who made her guests do four days worth of manual labor work to set up her wedding for free. Source link Read More »

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