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Fixing Damaged Hair – Coloring, Blow Drying, Straightening, Sun – It Kills Hair!

You could be killing your hair right now! Did you know that most of the styling techniques we use to fix our hair actually do a lot of damage? Hair ... Read More »

Things to Remember About Music and Outdoor Weddings

As you plan your outdoor wedding reception, and before you make your final site choice, there are four important factors you need to keep in mind regarding your entertainment: the ... Read More »

Wedding Drama – And How to Avoid It At All Costs

In all my work with couples, it is very rare that there isn’t an underlying family dynamic that comes up as the bride is planning her big day. And trust ... Read More »

Getting the Most From Your Bridal Show

Every couple anticipating a wedding must attend at least one bridal show. The bridal show allows you to get many ideas that will later help you in your planning. Many ... Read More »

Indian Hair Extensions May Be the Accessory That People Need

Choosing from a wide range of accessories, it can be difficult to choose the perfect one. There are many different kinds of things to think about when someone is figuring ... Read More »

Short Hairstyles For Women – Look Sexy With Shorter Hair

Some women are daring enough to wear their hair short, and others are smart enough to wear their hair short, but the fact is that sexy short hair is here ... Read More »

Keys to Finding the Best Videography or Videoographer for Your Wedding

By the time you finish reading this article you will be armed with the information needed to select a quality videographer for you wedding. Most brides are not familiar with ... Read More »

8 Ways to Redecorate on a Budget

Do you want to save money on your home decorating costs, but still keep a designer look? Below are 8 fantastic ways to decorate your house on a budget. 1. ... Read More »

Few Makeup Tips to Get You Ready

While you get dressed up and do your makeup, the most important thing is the color you choose. Anyone can learn the skill of using the cosmetics just by following ... Read More »

Hair Loss Treatments By Natural Herbs

Do you have hair problems? Is your hair becoming thinner than it normally was? Is your hair color prematurely gray? Are you unusually bald or gradually losing your hair? Do ... Read More »

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