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7 everyday makeup habits that are secretly ruining your skin

7 everyday makeup habits that are secretly ruining your skin

Most of us have some sort of beauty routine that we follow every day, but how often do you wonder if your makeup habits were ruining your skin?

The truth is that it’s a total possibility. When it comes to taking
care of your face, it’s important to think about everything that comes
in contact with your skin.

The ultimate problem may be your makeup routine. Whether it’s the way
you apply your makeup or your products in general, there are a lot of
sneaky ways that your beauty habits can harm your skin.

Here are a few ways that your beauty habits could be negatively affecting your skin.

1. Not cleaning your brushes

Makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria. They touch your
acne, sweat, dead skins, and everything else than could be lingering on
your face. This is a perfect recipe for creating major skin problems in
the future. Avoid this hassle by cleaning your brushes. I recommend spot
cleaning brushes weekly with a gentle cleanser, and deep cleaning once
or twice a month.

2. Sharing beauty products

This is a big no-no in the world of beauty. From cold sores to eye
infections, sharing beauty products can lead to a whole host of medical
issues. This is especially seen when lip and eye makeup products are
shared. Avoid the hassle by sticking to your own makeup collection.

3. Sleeping in your makeup

Just don’t do it. It’s absolutely the worst for your skin. Any sweat,
dirt, or environmental stressors that you encountered during the day
might have gotten trapped in your pores along with your makeup. Cleanse
all that junk out! Your face will thank you in the morning.

4. Too many DIYs

A baking soda scrub one night, and an apple cider vinegar treatment
the next? Too many at-home DIY’s could be throwing off your skin’s pH
balance. Many DIY beauty treatments are developed as simple skincare
solutions. However, by frequently using various acidic ingredients you
could be throwing off your skin’s natural balance. This can cause flare
ups of acne, skin sensitivity, and dry skin.

5. Not letting your skin breathe

Do you love wearing makeup all day everyday? This can actually have a
negative effect on your skin. If you skin is constantly being covered
by layers of makeup then it doesn’t have a chance to breathe. Cell
turnover is important for skin rejuvenation. In order to get your best
glowing skin, skip makeup every now and then. Your skin will thank you
for it.

6. Popping zits

Get your hands away from those zits! Popping pimples is not the way
to go when it comes to improving your skin care. Bursting small pustules
on your face is both gross and unnecessary. Combat pimples with acne
spot treatments instead of popping them.

7. Applying makeup to flaky skin

If you skin is dry and flaky, applying layers of makeup on top is
only going to emphasize the problem. Make sure to exfoliate and
moisturize your skin to combat the dryness. This will give you a
smoother base when it comes to applying your makeup.

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