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8 Most Important Bridal Wedding Accessories You Should Never Forget

8 Most Important Bridal Wedding Accessories You Should Never Forget

You’re planning your wedding and one big matter is how you look on that big day. Say you’ve found the perfect wedding dress. How can you add accessories that will make you look like the perfect bride? You need to pick out the right shoes, veil, jewelry, a purse and other accessories that will complement your dress.

The wedding veil – Almost all brides have some sort of veil on when they walk down the aisle. Choose the right type for your dress; a formal gown with a formal veil. You can pick from full the many available styles from full cathedral veils to short modern shoulder length types. When buying one, try it out with your dress so that you can see the whole picture of how you’ll look.

Bridal headpieces – What would you like in your hair? Do you pick Juliet caps, headbands or combs? You’ll be spoilt for choice as these come with many types of accents like pearls, crystal, lace, beads or artificial flowers. You could opt for a beautiful headpiece and skip the veil altogether.

Tiaras – We all dreamt of becoming princesses. The tiara will make our dreams come true. The tiara complements the ball gown type wedding gowns. They come in many designs from ornate big crown to simple delicate pieces. In gold or silver, these tiaras will make you a princess on your wedding.

Wedding jewelry – what type of jewelry to wear is also an important factor to consider. Since you already have your wedding and engagement rings on your fingers, you need other pieces that complement each other and not fight for attention. Pick silver, gold or pearl necklaces, earring and bracelets that will make you look dazzling without outshining you. You may also want to consider family heirlooms to add tradition to your wedding.

Shoes and stockings – What is a perfect dress without the perfect shoes? When picking the shoes for your wedding, remember that you need to find a comfortable pair, as you’ll be on your feet most of the time. Pick something with accents that will go with your wedding dress.

Wedding garter – The garter comes in many colors, so pick one you like. Just think, will you be happy tossing it in front of many people? If the answer is yes, then you’ve found the right one.

Wedding gloves – Some dresses will look good with gloves. So pick the right type which will go with your dress and make sure the fit is right; tight enough to stay up but not cutting off your circulation.

Handbags – Brides don’t generally carry bags down the aisle but a small clutch will be nice to have for storing makeup for touch-ups, or tissues for those happy tears.

In picking the accessories just remember to have them match and complement your dress and you will have the perfect look on your wedding day.

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