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A Bridal Gown Story

A Bridal Gown Story

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. One day she met and fall deeply in love with her prince charming and looked ever so lovely and breathtakingly beautiful in her white gown as she walked down the aisle on her wedding day and she lived happily ever after …

Well let's get back to reality for the time being, after being proposed to, the first thing most soon to be brides think about her wedding day and her bridal gown. Once the bridal gown has been chosen, the rest of the wedding can be decisely adjusted and the bride can use her bridal gown as her inspiration for the rest of her wedding planning. Each bride is different and family and friends will affect some or most of her big decisions for her special day but the one thing that every bride is sure of is her bridal attire. From head to toe, she will craft her look into something even the closest of close circle (groom) will stop to look at as she makes her way down the aisle.

Some princesses have envisioned their special day and bridal gown since they were toddlers and opt for the traditional white or ivory gown with all the lace, rhinestones, crystals and trimmings with ten feet of train, floor dragging veil and their grandmother's pearls. These fairytale brides will sometimes even alter and reuse a 'heirloom' bridal gown that has been worn in her family before.

The less conventional bride will choose a destination wedding or just elope for a simple affair in which she will then choose a simple white ensemble or a fun, flirty light-weight gown to wear on her special day accompanied by crystals or a flower in her hair and a really expensive pair but definitely worth it designer shoes.

These days we have gotten used to seeing brides walk down the aisle with a traditional gown for her wedding ceremony and then she changes into a cocktail bridal dress for her reception celebrations. These brides will have everything covered from bouquet jewelry and elegant tiaras to personalized bridal jewelry and bridal belts or sashes.

Whatever bride you are, there are plenty of styles of bridal gowns, bridal shoes, bridal jewelry and accessories to compliment your look, so make sure your wedding is about your style and about you because for most of you, it'll be your happily ever after!

Source by Kami S Gocool

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