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Acne Foundation Beauty Tip!

Acne Foundation Beauty Tip!

Foundation –

Mineral Make Up – Of course, anyone with acne has heard this is much better for the skin than liquid foundation as it is all natural and does not clog pores, yada,yada, yada… buin my opinion, mineral make up or mineral powder isn’t all that. I mean, it feels much lighter on the face but my problem with it is that it doesn’t provide provide full coverage. When I simply apply the mineral powder accompanied by simply a moisturiser beneath, I find that it does not get rid of the texture but rather makes the uneven surface of my skin more evident. After much experimenting, I managed to find a way to reduce the lumpy texture of my skin and acquire a more even and lighter foundation that normally lasts me throughout the day.

What you will need:

A Mineral foundation powder – One that matches your skin very well
A liquid foundation – Preferably light coverage 
A moisturizer – One that suits your skin type, my skin tends to be oily so I use a mattifying moisturizer 
A primer (optional)

1. Moisturize the face and let it dry completely.
2. Apply the primer in an even layer all over the face and leave for 5 minutes.
3. Apply a thin layer of mineral powder lightly all over the face with a soft brush and buffer in circular motions.
4. Use your hands to lightly apply a layer of foundation over the skin.

I have never seen anyone do this before but to be honest however, it works. The mineral powder leaves a natural base and controls the oily skin and semi covers the blemishes meaning you don’t need a heavy foundation to cover your blemishes, a small amount will do for this with lighter blemishes.


-Tap the bronzer on instead of

-If you require more coverage, use concealer

-If it’s for evening make up, use loose mineral setting powder and buffer into the skin in circular motions

-For a lighter look, more natural sun kissed look do not use setting powder but bronzer on the oilier sections and highlighter – this make your skin look dewy

– Before a night out, I carry out a skin cleansing routine and cleanse, exfoliate, face mask, tone and moisturize before putting the make up on



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