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An Emerald Pendant Valentine's Gift?

An Emerald Pendant Valentine's Gift?

Traditionally when we think of Valentine's we think of hearts, passion and love. During this time usually the color red comes to mind. However, did you know that the true heart color is green? While red does denote fire and untamed passion, the color green and emeralds particularity symbolize deep understanding and love everlasting.

Emeralds are identified with the heart chakra and are symbolic of long-lasting relationships, prosperity and well-being. The wearing of an emerald near the heart nurtures the growth of love shared. Which is why an emerald pendant makes a perfect valentine's gift.

Sparkling natural emeralds with medium to good color although beautiful, are quite expensive. For that reason synthetic emeralds may be a good alternative if budget is a concern. Synthetic emeralds are known for outstanding color and clarity, and being real beryl hold the same properties as natural occurring stones. However, they can be purchased for a fraction of the price naturally occurring emeralds are sold for.

To the untrained eye a synthetic emerald could easily be mistaken for a naturally occurring high quality gem. Technology has significantly advanced in the growing of these gems to duplicate minimal inclusions, so making them appear even more genuine. Therefore, it is important to note because of this, reputable companies will always disclose authenticity and clearly state if the emerald is natural or lab grown.

Whether purchasing natural or synthetic, making a statement of love by the gifting of an emerald pendant is perfectly suited to valentine's. While roses are red and violets are blue, emeralds are forever saying "I Love You".

Source by Wesley Ivins

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