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Cheap Weddings Can Mean Fun Weddings

Cheap Weddings Can Mean Fun Weddings

Cheap weddings are not necessarily drab events. If you take some ideas that you pick up from other weddings you can make this the wedding to be at.

If you want a cheap wedding you will probably have to do most of the work for it yourself. Not necessarily you but your family and friends. A do it yourself wedding can be as much fun to put together as it is to attend.

Start with your invitations. Make your own fun, easy seal and send wedding invitations. Just print out on regular card stock. You can add an RSVP post card if you like. Make it a detachable section with a pelf. Then just fold them and mail. You may opt to put the address on in a matching font using your printer.

Next think about the wedding dress. If your mom or grandma has one they want you to wear, maybe you can have it altered to be more up to date. Perhaps you can take one from a thrift store and up date it to your taste. Get it cleaned good and it will be just like a new dress for you. You may even decide to rent a dress. You may even opt to go to something totally different. Adding a veil to an elegant dress may suit your needs.

You may choose silk flowers. These can be made ahead and stored so that you know you have them. Perhaps you know someone who makes ribbon flowers. Keep an open mind because you may get ideas that you would not have thought of. Cheap wedding bring ideas to save money and add character.

Decorating can be inexpensive too. Balloons are not that expensive and can add a lot. You may use bows, balloons, ribbons, and ornaments to add some style. I print out banners from my computer for almost every party we have. I use the colors that are in the theme. These are good for pictures too.

A pot luck meal may be a fun idea. We did a pot luck dinner for my aunt and uncles 50th anniversary. We provided the meat and drinks and everyone bought a favorite dish. It worked well as everyone asked for recipes. No one complained about having to bring a dish.

You may decide to do a buffet yourself. With all the bulk food stores and a roaster you will have a dish ready in no time. The cost to cater a dinner is usually a big expense so cutting this will mean a big savings. You do not have to just give cake and punch. You can come up with some good ideas. Grandma may make her famous meatballs the day before and they can be warmed for the wedding reception.

You can see cheap weddings do not have to be boring. They can be fun and even bring people closer together. You may get volunteers from places you never thought would come to your rescue!

Source by Mary Redfoot Harnetiaux

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