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Choosing Couture Wedding Gowns – What to Keep in Mind

Choosing Couture Wedding Gowns – What to Keep in Mind

One of the biggest benefits of opting for couture wedding gowns is having ready professional assistance in choosing the best possible type and style for your needs. The whole point of couture is being able to make sure everything about your wedding finery is specifically customized for you in every way.

Couture wedding gowns offer the bride far more control over the different details that are often a given when it comes to off-the-rack dresses. With ready-to-wear wedding clothes, there are still many choices when it comes to fabrics, sizes, styles and more. In fact, these choices are available for wearing right out of the store. The trouble, however, is that the choices end there. When it comes to bespoke gowns, though, customization begins from the first sketches, to right before the moment the bride steps out for the ceremony.

Did that sound overwhelming? It should not. Customizing the perfect couture wedding gowns is not necessarily a matter of innumerable fittings, adjustments and alterations – as well as the high costs that come with them. All it takes is keeping a few important points in mind. Here are a few.

Know What You Want

The first thing that comes to mind is planning- and the wedding ideas magazines will tell you that that the very first step. The real secret to the perfect dress is, however, is knowing what you want. While this may be easier said than done, it should not be too painful. Some brides may have a precise idea of ​​the gowns they have wanted since childhood. On the other hand, some may need some help. A bit of research may be in order. Check out- and try on- various dresses. Go through bridal magazines, wedding planning sites, and most importantly, enlist the help of your couturier – you'll find it easier to finalise the design that way.

Know Yourself

This means knowing what looks good on you, and, more importantly, what you can afford. Here, it is very important to be realistic. Make sure you stick to, or close enough, your budget. Remember that not only do couture wedding gowns come in a variety of fabrics, different styles will have price implications.

Be Realistic

Make sure the goals you set are realistic. If you are opting for a strapless dress design in hopes of losing a tremendous amount of weight, there is a chance that you may not make it. Never set unrealistic expectations on yourself that you know that you will not be able to meet.

Fittings, fittings, fittings

A good designer will arrange multiple fittings to ensure a perfect fit especially for you. Do not skip this step, and you'll find things going much better- and your couture wedding gowns fitting a lot better- on your special day.

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