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Clear Wedding Tableware – The Classy Way to Go Disposable

Clear Wedding Tableware – The Classy Way to Go Disposable

There are people in this world who are gifted to make a room look its best for a celebration. These talented, background people spend hours getting ready for those first thirty seconds when people come in, survey a room, and sigh, because everything is so beautiful. That kind of talent is such a gift to the rest of us. It can really make the difference at any occasion when everything is in its place, and the tables are set, and the lights and the music are right. So what does clear wedding tableware have to do with any of this, you might ask? Everything. Clear and unobtrusive, tableware can add that nice touch to any event. Choosing clear leaves your options wide open as far working with other colors and decorations.

Reasons to choose clear wedding tableware:

  • Clear tableware looks great and will not clash with any color of tablecloth or decor.
  • They are more sturdy and reliable than your flimsy supermarket variety. Forks are less likely to lose tines when you have to stab at something. You will not have plates collapsing in your lap, or liquid sogging through the bottom of your cup.
  • Soda beverages with ice cream, or fancy ice cubes always look better in a clear cup. A clear cup can really showcase the color of beverage you choose too, especially if you want it to correspond with the colors of the wedding.
  • A colorful array of fruit, such as strawberries, kiwi, pineapple, and blueberries are more appealing in a clear bowl. Specialty salads look more delicious also.
  • Clear plastic plates never run the risk of leaking through if the food is more wet or greasy, such as salad dressing, or ribs.
  • There are several choices in size – large or small beverage cups, toasting cups, dessert cups. Dinner plates, or small plates for dessert.
  • Etched or fluted tableware is also available.
  • They are cost effective, especially if you buy bulk.
  • Clear tableware can be used for any occasion from the fanciest affair to a simple backyard soiree.
  • Incredibly easy to clean up and dispose of.

Source by Mary Setter

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