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Colored Wedding Gowns – Have a Unique and Unmistakably "You" Dress

Colored Wedding Gowns – Have a Unique and Unmistakably "You" Dress

Colored wedding gowns have really come into their own. Every color imaginable is available and seen at weddings today. They are simple or extravagant, short and long, full of color or just a splash. If you want it, it is out there.

It used to be the norm for a second marriage to be champagne, blush or off white. Now you are seeing many weddings with large amounts of color infusion. Red, black, pink, green, blue, yellow … they are all available for the more adventurous bride. Colored wedding dresses are really coming into their own.

Many of today's favorite designers are answering the call of the bride, more color. You can find some designs being offered in as many as 60 different hues. Yep, that's a lot. Any one can have a unique wedding dress today.

If you are having a destination wedding, color just looks natural. Try any one of the major wedding destination dress designers. They are all offering colored wedding gowns in their lines. You can find a full colored dress or something much more simple.

Many small touches can add just a hint of color for those who do not want a full colored dress. You can have a sash, piping, beading, ribbon, sequins and rhinestones or any number of embellishments. They all offer you the chance to have some color and to personalize your gown.

Do not think color is only for the non traditional weddings. They are also being seen at major church weddings, as well. Just for etiquette sake, be sure to speak with your church officiant before deciding on a bold color.

When you are choosing a color, be sure it flatters your complexion, the lighting and the scene. Colored wedding gowns are beautiful and fun. If you are unsure, go and try some on … you may be surprised.

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