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Durable Makeup Cases Suitable For a Professional

Durable Makeup Cases Suitable For a Professional

Are you are tired of having to dig through a jumble of cosmetics every time you put on your makeup? Or are you a makeup artist who is looking for a professional yet organized way to transport your cosmetics between appointments? You might want to pay attention then, because we’re going to list the top three products available in professional cosmetic cases: soft cosmetic cases, aluminum cases, and train cases.

The first style of cosmetic storage we’re going to talk about is the soft case. These cases usually resemble anything from a duffel bag to a stylish tote or handbag; however the inside of a soft cosmetic bag is very different from any gym bag or purse you’ve ever used! The inside usually contains a removable organizer which has several dividers that will keep your items organized and secure. Some of these bags even feature slide-out organizer trays for quick retrieval. Pack-up is also a breeze with these, as you simply insert the divider back into the bag, zip up, and go!

A very popular style is the aluminum makeup case. These bad boys are ready for anything with aluminum exterior walls, which offer a better heat and liquid resistance. Many of these “trunk” style cases come with handles, straps, and a security lock, which makes traveling from one appointment to the next easier than ever. Aluminum makeup cases usually come in silver or black, but you can usually find a decent selection of other colors, such as red, pink, or brown. If you need plenty of room for your things, that’s not a problem! Aluminum cases are often purchased as a set, including the large trunk (with wheels and a telescopic handle-luggage style) and a smaller trunk that fits securely on top.

The last, yet seemingly most popular style is the makeup train case. This style is almost always boxy and usually is adorned with a carry handle and strap. They come in a huge variety of colors and are very popular in the aluminum finish. Most often, cosmetic train cases are designed so that the top portion is divided in half, where each half can fold back to expose many dividers and pop-up trays that will offer maximum organization for all of your lotions and potions.

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