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Elizabeth Arden's Prevage Review – How To Use Prevage

Elizabeth Arden's Prevage Review – How To Use Prevage

If this is your story, then you will be glad to know that Elizabeth Arden, one of the leading beauty care company dedicated to women, has brought out a new beauty product called Prevage. Why should you learn about it? Simple because Prevage reviews done in laboratorya have shown that this product is highly effective against aging! Not only can it prevent the first signs of aging but also reverse it some cases!

Interested? Now let's learn how it works. As the Prevage reviews have shown, one of the main ingredients of the product is the antioxidant idebenone. This antioxidant can successfully reverse the damages caused by free radicals due to sun exposure. It can also effectively prevent this damage as well. Use it daily and gradually collagen and elastin, the two main component that keeps your skin tight and smooth, will rebuild (they are naturally destroyed as we age). As collagen and elastin will increase, the wrinkles and fine lines in your face will be filled up and your skin will look much younger and firmer.

This and other Prevage reviews will make you get out of your home and go to your nearest mall to buy this amazing product for yourself now! But before you start applying, make sure you do the skin test. Not everyone's skin is same; there are many women with super sensitive skins which can have problem with even the best of products. So at the counter, ask for a little sample. Use it in your inside arm for at least three days. If nothing happens, go ahead and buy yourself a bottle of Prevage. But if you see that your skin is itching or the area you applied have turned red, do not use it anymore. If you see that the problems are still continuing, immediately consult a physician without delay.

If you have successfully passed the skin test, then there is definite routine you should follow to get the best result. First of all, clean the face before putting on Prevage. A small pea sized portion is sufficient; put it in your fingertips and gently massage it into your skin in circular motion. If you are going out, then put on a moisturizer with good SPF as a protection against sun. For the first one week, use it once daily. If you see your skin is showing no problem, you can then use it twice daily from then on. Your changed skin will prove why people praising the product so much in all Prevage reviews!

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