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Get to Know Sue Fleming

Fitness consultant Sue Fleming is a creator of a Buff Fitness® examination regimen. The program’s recognition led to a critically-acclaimed existence TV series—Buff Brides—on Discovery Health Channel (still in reruns on Fit TV). Sue’s Buff line of examination DVDs are formed on her Random House/Villard book series, that includes Buff Brides, Buff Moms, Buff Moms-to-Be and Fashionably Buff.

Sue, a naturally rival athlete, instinctively knew a improved a bride looked and felt out of her clothes, a some-more enchanting she would demeanour (and feel!) while donning a breath-taking couture origination of her anticipation wedding. And so was innate a Buff Fitness regimen. Far some-more than another deftly finished brand, Fleming has brought a clarity of indifferent teamwork to a results-oriented fast that has grown into a tellurian health and aptness empire.

Sue asserts that either we have 6 days or 6 months we can make a outrageous disproportion in a approach we demeanour and feel. The genuine plea however is to say it for 60 years. That’s where Fleming takes over. Dedicated to operative with clients to overcome their fears of aptness and physique image, Sue develops a many critical flesh of all… self-esteem.

Sue’s appearance in 8 New York City marathons has given her a kind of strength and stamina her work requires. Sue never allows herself to forget a passion that has brought her to this theatre of her life. Rather than resting on her well-toned laurels, Sue sees unconstrained possibilities in bringing her summary of aptness to a world. That’s because Sue wants women to know that a aptness fast is not a discerning fix, though a long-term approach of life.

A renouned tie in mass media touchstones such as USA Today, Cosmopolitan and US Weekly, not to discuss a sought-after guest on ABC’s Good Morning America, Sue Fleming now lives in Brooklyn, NY, where she roughly never takes a taxi!

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Before-and-After Shots of Sue’s Clients!

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