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Got any beauty or makeup secrets?

Got any beauty or makeup secrets?

Author: makeupinmybag

I don’t think I have any tips or tricks I keep to myself, but there are a few I live by.

1 – If you’re using an eyebrow powder, make sure to use shadow primer to keep the color on. There is nothing worse than having half an eyebrow for half a day and not knowing.

2  – Lining your lips will save your reapplication time with your lipsticks like you wouldn’t believe. Bonus points when the lip liner is clear because it will work with every shade ever.

3- Use a gel top coat (I like the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat) over your regular nail polish to keep your nails looking fresh and chip free without the harsh effects of gel polish. That said, reapply the top coat daily.

4 – Polish your nails at night, then wash off the excess polish on your fingers the next morning in the shower. Bam – no pesky polish remover and no accidentally removing most of a nail’s polish.

5 – Use a matte bronzer for your temples and jawline, but then go over it with a shimmery bronzer. You’ll get depth but also the glow you want.

6 – Use tape as guidelines for your winged eyeliner. Not only will the lines be straight, but any messes will come off with the tape. 

Do you guys have any beauty tips/secrets to share? 

Author: makeupinmybag

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