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How to Lose Weight for Your Wedding

Want to tinge adult and slim down before a large day? Reach your goals in no time with these aptness tips.

bubble chandelier
Top 10 Fit Bride Tips

winter marriage rite program
Real Brides’ Weight-Loss Diaries

Try This Killer Ballet-Inspired
Workout Routine!


vintage teacup candles
Bridal Beauty Countdown

diy recipe book
Beginnger’s Guide to 
Getting in Shape

diy bridesmaid presence kit
Foods That Make Your
Skin Glow


diy birdcage veil
Workout Routine:
Sleeveless Gown

diy badge bouquet
Workout Routine:
Backless Gown

diy centerpieces
Workout Routine:
or Short Dress


signature cocktails
5 Exercises for Amazing Abs

Get Killer Legs with These
Lower Body Moves

snack cakes marriage cake
How to Get Pippa’s Famous Butt


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