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Poulan Chainsaws – An Honest Review

Poulan Chainsaws – An Honest Review

Reviewing chainsaws is not an easy task given the team-like following these powerful machines have got.

The Poulan chainsaws range have generally been around the mark when reviews are posted but toppling big names such as Stihl and Husqvarna from their perches is not an easy thing to do.

The plus for Poulan fans is they are actually owned by Husqvarna and it’s said they share technologies. On the downside though, this may have impacted the prominence of Poulan as a major player in the chainsaw market.

Poulan probably haven’t done themselves many favors when one scans the reviews on some of their chainsaws online. Yes, they produce excellent tools for the handyman and tradesman however, have they “dropped the ball a little” on some of the saws?

Some Reviews Too Harsh?

I tend to think some of the reviews are a little harsh. As we mentioned earlier, chainsaw brands have their band of loyal followers and it’s a little like motor cars; until your manufacturer produces something totally unreliable then it’s going to take a lot to get someone to switch brands.

The beauty about Poulan chainsaws is you are not “paying and arm and a leg” for them. That’s probably not a good description to make given what a chainsaw can do but the truth is, they are hard to beat for value.

Value For Money Products

In a society where more and more new chainsaw owners are being born daily with the homeowner boom, Poulan have come to the party with machines designed to suit novice users looking for a lightweight design chainsaw which packs plenty of power.

A homeowner, unlike a pro or semi pro won’t be using their machine on a regular basis so spending a fortune on a chainsaw doesn’t make sense.

Spending between $100-$200 for a chainsaw which can handle lightweight to medium tasks is good shopping in anyone’s language. The only question then is whether one can get satisfactory back-up support when needed. This is always a major issue when buying chainsaws and is drummed home regularly to first-time users.

It remains to be seen how competitive Poulan chainsaws remain in today’s market but if you’re looking for a value saw, then it’s a good starting place.

Source by Dean Caporella

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