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Simple Tips For Planning a Cheap Wedding

Simple Tips For Planning a Cheap Wedding

Are you unsure about how to go about planning a cheap wedding? You might be surprised at how easy it is to save funds on your nuptials event and reception. Here is some friendly advice.

1. Go the DIY route. You usually need to hire a small army of people for weddings. The best effective way to avert this situation is to simply not do that. For example, ask a relative or pal to take photographs. Prepare the flower arrangements yourself. Get someone you know to cook for the reception.

2. Only invite close relatives and friends. This is one of the top techniques when planning a cheap wedding. It's not always easy to do it. However, there's no need to invite distant relatives or long-lost friends. Remember that the reception usually makes up about 50% of the nuptial event's full cost. So significantly lower the price tag of your nuptials, by inviting only close family and pals.

3. Get a coordinator. How can spending money save money? Think about the opportunity costs. Since most of us do not know the mechanics of preparing for marriage events, it's likely that we'd waste effort and time. A planner of weddings will know how to organize a magnificent nuptials event that will tickle you pink. For instance, she'll know which vendors have the best deals.

4. Use a discount stationer to make invitations. But making your own invitations would be cheaper, right? In the long term, the money, effort and time needed usually does not make it worthwhile. Still, remember that you can still have much input when a stationer makes the invitations. Just let a pro do what they do.

These are a few of the many practical tips for planning a cheap wedding. Plan a nuptials event that costs much less than it looks like it did!

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