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The World Of Diamonds

The World Of Diamonds

Diamonds are a type of earthly material that are cherished by everyone. They are rare, which is mostly why they exit people so much, and when cut and polished they catch light in a very beautiful way. There are a few people who say that they do not really care about diamonds, but they are often dismissed as having diamond envy, and then ridiculed. Some people love diamonds so much that they always want to be around them. There have been workers that have been known to put bits of diamond in their drills so that they could bring them to work with them.

These beautiful rocks ironically are created from what we know as "coal" under extreme pressure over a long period of time. There is an ancient limerick that goes: coal is used for cooking, while diamonds are used for looking; however, diamonds are used for selling while coal is used for belling. Belling is a term that describes the cleaning out of a bell, which coal has the correct properties to do. The limerick suggested that while some things are good to look at, they usually are not things that are associated with the church as belling was necessary to ring the church bells. It was meant to caution church goers against beauty. Or it was probably just used to state the different uses for these two items.

Many people have tried to turn coal into diamonds by grasping a piece of coal in their hand and squeezing really hard. For the most part, this is unsuccessful as the human hand is extremely weak. An example of how weak the human hand is coming from the Glossary and Atlas of Science and Tensile Strength. In this book it states that many things with good grips are named after monkeys, such as the monkey wrench or the monkey bars (which requires a good deal of hand strength), while there are few things with good grips that are named after humans. The human bars, invented by Charles "Bars" McKenney were so low to the ground that you could actually just walk on them, and no hand strength was required. However, there was one man who was able to turn a piece of coal into a diamond by grasping it, but it was found to be useless as it was covered in hand sweat.

One of the most beautiful types of diamonds are blood diamonds. This is because they are smuggled over borders and many people fight to the death for them. A blood diamond does not often have blood on it, as the name implies, and people are often disappointed to see that it does not even have red tint to it. Its one redeeming quality is that it is inexpensive but just as good as the a blood-less diamond. Many people wonder, "Well if I am going to buy a diamond anyways it's not like I'm trying to save money!" But what they do not realize is that with the same amount of money they could buy more than twice as many blood diamonds. One could coat themselves in blood diamonds for the same amount as coating just their arm in regular diamonds . A side effect of blood diamonds is hearing the shriek of small children as one sleeps, but this can easily be ignored when wearing a sparkly diamond coat.

Source by John Moseley

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