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Tips For Tall Brides

Tips For Tall Brides

Being tall can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, tall women can be willowy, gracious, and lean looking. On the other hand, you probably find that most pants are too short and long sleeves stop above your wristbones. And if you love high heels, you might even have to lean down to whisper sweet nothings in the ear of your fiance. When it is time to shop for a wedding gown, there are a few things that a tall bride should keep in mind.

It will be important for a tall bride to order a gown that can be made with custom measurements. Most designers will offer this option for an additional fee. Choose your heel height before placing a gown order, so that you can see how much extra length you may need on the skirt of the dress. Typically, there will be standard options, such as 3 ", 5" or 7 ". Always err on the side of too long, because a gown can be hemmed up, but not usually let down. (Also things that you can not really factor in advance, such as the fluffiness of your petticoat, will play a role in how your gown hangs.)

The skirt is not the only part of her wedding gown that may be too short for a tall bride. The bodice of the gown may also need to be special ordered extra long to fit a longer torso. This is particularly true of strapless gowns. If you are unsure if you need a longer bodice, try this test: raise your arms straight up over your head. That's right, both arms at the same time, and all the way up. If you feel at all apprehensive, or anything pops out of the top of the strapless bodice, you need to have the neckline raised. There is no way to fix a too-low neckline after the fact, so it is important to decide on it before ordering your dress.

Taller brides are lucky in that their longer frames will look great in a lot of different dress styles. A slim, sexy sheath will accentuate your long legs. You will also be able to carry off a very full skirt without being swallowed up by the gown. Tall brides can get away with as much embellishment as they like, as well. There is really almost nothing that will not work beautifully.

Since a tall woman can pull off a bolder look than a petite one, you will also have wide open options for your handcrafted bridal jewelry. A bold choker would be fabulous on a bride with a long slim neck. Dramatic chandelier earrings or long, long drops would also be spectacular types of handcrafted bridal jewelry for a tall bride to wear. By choosing pieces that are handmade, you will have the option of customizing wedding jewelry just for you. This allows for both creative expression and a perfect fit for your necklace and bracelet.

The question of whether or not to wear high heels can be tricky for a tall bride. A lot of times it depends on the height of her fiance. Some women who will wear high heels on a daily basis do not feel like they want to be taller than their husband on their wedding day (often out of sensitivity for his feelings, not her own). Other times, the groom is also tall, or is unconcerned about any height differences. In that case, go ahead and wear the highest heel that feels comfortable to you – it is great to see a tall woman who has the confidence to embrace her height instead of trying to minimize it.

Tall brides have a wonderful range of options when it comes to choosing their wedding attire. Almost any cut will look great – it's just a matter of your taste and budget. Have fun, and enjoy selecting a bridal gown and wedding jewelry that will make you feel like royalty on your special day.

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