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Tips on Finding the Right Hair Stylist

Tips on Finding the Right Hair Stylist

Going to a new hair salon can be an intimidating experience for some people. Seeing a new stylist for the first time and having to go through the routine of describing exactly what you want and how you've had it cut before is somewhat awkward. This is why it is so important to find a hair stylist that you enjoy and trust. It is not uncommon for a woman to stay at a salon and stick with the same hair stylist for years. If you are in the hunt for a new hair stylist, here are a few things to ask to ensure you find the right hair stylist for you:

1.) How many years have they been working? I am not going to say all the stylists who have been in the industry for over 5 years are better at cutting or styling hair than someone who just got into the trade but just like anything else, there is a lot of learning that goes on while " on-the-job ".

2.) Do you enjoy the atmosphere of the Hair Salon? If you do not like the salon's environment while there you will not be excited to come back. Is the salon somewhere you feel comfortable? You should find a salon where you enjoy the people, music and all of its surroundings so you feel relaxed in the chair. After all, going to the salon is considered pampering yourself!

3.) Is the Stylist easy to talk to? One of the most important things to assuring a great hair style is communication with your stylist. If you do not enjoy the conversation with you stylist or you do not feel comfortable telling them what you want or do not like, it is pretty hard to get a good haircut. If you are a woman you can expect to sit and interact with your stylist for at least 45 minutes. Find a stylist you have things in common with and someone who will interact and treat you like a person and not a ticket.

4.) Is the location of the Salon convenient? Convenience is everything in the world today! You do not want to plan a day around your next appointment. Find a hair salon that is close to your home, work or even a shopping center you frequent often. If the salon is nearby, it will be easier to schedule and keep up on appointments.

5.) How long have they been working at that Hair Salon? You do not want the hassle of having to move salons or find yourself in the same situation as you are now in. Make sure the stylist does not have a reputation of jumping salons. This also might be a red flag the stylist is not very reputable.

6.) Have they been recommended by anyone? A pretty good way to find out how talented a stylist is by asking a friend or family member who their stylist is. Find out who your loved ones trust with their hair. There are also many websites out there were people can rate or comment on hair stylists. If you find someone with good reviews it is a pretty good indication of their abilities.

Source by Karen Sanders

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