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Train Your Team to Up-Sell and Cross-Sell

Train Your Team to Up-Sell and Cross-Sell

Want to improve business, increase profits and have more satisfied customers? Then you need to train your team in the skills of Up-Selling and Cross-Selling. It is not unknown for a salon to increase business by 20 or 30% vertically overnight using these methods. But just what do these two terms mean and how can you implement then into the way your employee’s interact with customers.

In a nutshell Up-Selling means selling a higher service or product. It’s when with the therapists help a customer decides to buy a little extra or “up-grades” the final purchase. The key to successfully using this method to build sales is to have your team focus on customer needs. For example if a customer with dehydrated, ageing skin always has the same Classical Facial (the basic one hour facial) while she may enjoy the treatment it may not be best servicing her skins health care needs. She should be Up-Sold to an advanced facial that includes possibly a deeper peel, ampoules or a variety of other more effective treatment. In this way she will see more results with the treatment and then would also be more open to more active home care.

So the next time a customer is re-booking her regular facial why not say something like, “To boost the treatment results of your Classical Facial I can offer……. (the up-sell you can offer). While still offering you the wonderful relaxation of the Classical Facial it has the added benefits of………(describe the benefits)”. What has to be relevant is that the up-sell must suit the customer’s skin care needs this will empower the therapist to up-sell effectively and with integrity.

Cross-Selling is when an additional service or product is sold. This could be for example when the customer books in for a service and then an additional service is suggested as a companion service. Cross-Selling in the Beauty business industry will result in a more complete service. For example a brow wax will look almost always look more sculptured if it is tinted first. So think of all the services that complement each other and be sure they are offered.

Cross-selling can very effectively be used with the customer who habitually buys the basic cleanse, toner, moisturiser skin care. If they are cross-sold within the range to the more active cosmeceuticals strength products such as vitamin serums, eye and neck creams, masks etc the results will multiply. The customer will be happier and the retail sales are increased.

To get the best results with these methods you will need to train your team in good communication skills. They will need to be ever mindful of listening to the customers and identifying any needs they may have. And then they must be skilled to explore ways in which your services or products can solve them.

Both Up-Selling and Cross-Selling create a value-added experience for the customer. It shows that the therapist cares about the level of results she offers and builds customer loyalty. And as a salon and spa business owner it both improves the bottom line and builds a stronger business.

Source by April Anddy

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