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Wedding Gown FAQs

Wedding Gown FAQs

If you are like most brides, you are looking forward to picking out the perfect wedding gown. Wedding gown shopping can be really fun, but it can also be a bit stressful. To take the mystery of it, these are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about wedding gowns.

How long before my wedding should I order my gown? If you are ordering from a designer, you can expect your gown to take anywhere from three to five months to arrive at the bridal shop. Then you will also need time to have your wedding dress altered to fit. Add up the lead time and alterations, and you should plan to order your gown at least six months before your wedding. You can safely wait until about three months before your wedding to start thinking about the accessories, like veils, headpieces, and sets of bridal jewelry. The only exception is a veil which has lace trim on it to match the wedding gown; those should be ordered together to ensure a dye lot match.

I need a wedding gown in a hurry, what do I do? First of all, do not panic! The first step is to put yourself in the hands of a good consultant at a bridal shop. When you make the appointment, be upfront about your short lead time; every shop will have clearance sample gowns that they can sell from stock. Do not waste any time trying on gowns that can not be ordered quickly enough, as you will only fall in love with something you can not have, which will make picking a dress even harder. It is sometimes possible to get rush deliveries on designer gowns, as well, as long as you have at least a couple of months lead time. If a simple gown is your style, check out the bridal collection at a place like J Crew which can send out a dress in a hurry. You can always make simpler bridal gowns more formal with the addition of fabulous sets of jewelry and glitzy headpieces.

Why do wedding gowns cost so much? You have probably noticed that there is a huge gap in prices for wedding dresses, ranging from $ 99 to many thousands of dollars. When you are looking at gowns that are ordered from designers, they are usually made to order, rather than mass produced. This means that each individual gown is created by hand one at a time, many in workshops in the United States. Then there is the cost of the fabric, especially silk, as well as trims such as French lace, Swarovski crystals, seed pearls, and embroidery. All of these special details add up. They also allow you to have a gown that can be customized just for you, and one that you know will be an amazing quality, with beauty to match.

I love the look of designer gowns, but can not afford the price; Is there any way to get a good deal on a high end bridal gown? Yes and no. The best way to get a deep discount on a fine designer bridal gown is to shop at a sample sale where the sample gowns from the previous year are being sold off to make way for new arrivals. Discounts of 50% or more are common at these events, just keep in mind that you will have extra costs for dry cleaning and alterations on a sample gown. Smaller discounts, like 10%, can often be had when ordering during a designer truck show. Stay away from any discounts offered by bridal shops or online services that are not listed as authorized retailers on the designer's website, as these can be scams.

With all of your questions answered, it is time to get shopping. Good luck finding the bridal gown of your dreams!

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