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Youthful Essence Reviews

Youthful Essence Reviews

As many people have been seeking out different kinds and types of beauty and health products with the promise of enhancing their skin, more and more products are tested by a diverse number of consumers, hence, it is very possible and likely that products tested and used will receive different reactions in terms of its potency, effectiveness and strength.

One such product that has received many reviews from practically different sectors of the society is the Youthful Essence. The standard belief claimed by Youthful Essence line of skin care products is that that it will reproduce the microdermabrasion treatments that you might get at a high-end spa done in the privacy of your home.

When you purchase Youthful Essence, you get a vitamin enriched resurfacing cream and a sponge applicator that is used to even apply the Youthful Essence cream to your face. The entire Youthful Essence treatment is designed to vigorously scrub away the layer of dead skin on your face, revealing a fresh new layer and also stimulating it.

The Aluminum Oxide crystals of the Youthful Essence skin treatment are formulated from the natural and common element aluminum but the cream itself is only one part of the treatment. The full Youthful Essence microdermabrasion kit also comes with a resurfacing tool, which is a small vibrating scrubber that works the cream into your skin. After applying the cream with the applicator sponge, you have to use medium pressure with the resurfacing tool to work the crystals into your skin.

Some people have reported that they buy these systems and find it difficult to find time to complete the whole procedure while some reported that they found the abrasive part of this system too harsh for their skin. For first time users, the application process can be confusing and difficult, especially if you are doing it all by yourself. If you've ever gotten a spa microdermabrasion treatment, it is expected that your face will be red and sensitive for hours or even a full day following the treatment. The same can be true with the use of Youthful Essence, and it may not be a good skin care treatment for you if you have highly sensitive skin. There are other reports stating that the tool is quite fragile and breaks easily, rendering the whole skin care system ineffective.

The good side of the reviews contend that official website of Youthful Essence gives a 60 days money back guarantee and a choice of free gift at checkout and the products are conceivably for home use. The bad sides however are an array of reactions such as irritation felt of a sensitive skin, a claim that the product does not contain any ingredient that would stimulate the skin to produce more collagen, the natural anti-aging compound found in our skin.

Application can be extremely difficult, too much artificial colors and the face appears to be raw and reddish in the first 24 hours of application and is rather time consuming. If you are into microdermabrasions and especially craving to have an experience having treatments in a spa, high-end or just tolerably better health establishment, buying Youthful Essence would surely give you a first-hand experience for such, with, of course, the usual microdermabrasion results you intend to see from your face.

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