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Hair Loss – Treatment for Women

Men aren’t the only ones who experience pattern baldness. Female pattern baldness is a very real and difficult to deal with part of many women’s lives. In addition to this, ... Read More »

Hair Care and Dandruff Treatment with Ayurveda

Hair is the crowning glory of the body, and at the same time it is an indicator of the body’s overall health. Shiny, lustrous hair that are strong at the ... Read More »

Undercutting, New Hairstyles, Trends And Shapes In Hairdressing

Undercutting has really come into its own, I think the latest interpretations, will make this technique be around for some time to come. It has almost reached essential status, that ... Read More »

Hair Loss Treatment and Solution

Hair forms a beautiful part of human body. All human befits wish to have strong and healthy hair and people often go to any extent to have a beautiful crowning ... Read More »

Tips on Hiding Your Body Piercings For Work

It can be regrettable that we have to have a job in order to live, but it is a tragedy that not all jobs let us express our individuality. Piercings, ... Read More »

Jennifer Lopez Sedu Hairstyle

Jenifer Lopez born in Bronx, New York on July 24, 1969, is the hottest Hollywood actress from the last twenty-five years. She beholds natural beauty and a sense of style. ... Read More »

After Your Hair Sheds Or Falls Out, How Long Does it Take it to Start Growing Back?

I’m asked this question quite a bit. After going through the trauma of seeing shedding hair all over your clothing and home, many people are more than ready to begin ... Read More »

The Best Hairstyle for You – The Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

The oval-shaped face is what they say, the perfect face shape, though not all people have this as some are born square-shaped, round-shaped, heart-shaped or even diamond-shaped. So what hairstyle ... Read More »

How Essential Are Hair Scissors For Haircuts?

A serious key to giving an excellent haircut is having the pair of scissors. A basic set of scissors to the unaccustomed eye may appear just that. In reality though ... Read More »

Military Watches for Men: Are They Suitable As Gifts for Guys? Does It Suit My Style? Do I Need It?

Are military watches for men suitable as gifts for special occasions like birthdays? A large number of people may be wondering, "Nah, these kind of timepieces are generally for men ... Read More »

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