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Have a Fairytale Wedding With This Theme

A match made in heaven? Nowadays weddings can really be made a heavenly experience, thanks to the various themes. It can really turn out to be an experience that can ... Read More »

Wedding Jewelry for Your Big Day: 3 Easy Steps to Selecting the Finest Bridal Accessories

Wedding jewelry is a great way to add gorgeous detail to your bridal gown. Every bride wants to look her absolute best, from head to toe. There are approximately limitless ... Read More »

Wedding Dress Trains Explained!

Your wedding dress is probably one of the most extravagant outfits you'll ever wear. One of the key features that makes it so special is the train – the extended ... Read More »

Made in China – Designer Handbag Fashion Totally Misunderstood

Wow! What’s all this garble about “everything” made in China being counterfeit or fake? Do people understand the design and manufacturing process? Or, are they just determined to squabble about ... Read More »

Wedding Dresses Ideas For Every Season – Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

Take a cue from the seasons with our favorite wedding dresses and attire ideas for spring, summer, fall, and winter. Winter Wedding Dresses and Attire Add some sparkle with glamorous ... Read More »

4 Steps to Sell Your Wedding Dress

To get the most bang for your buck, there are several things that you will need to do in order to sell your wedding dress. Step One : Make sure ... Read More »

The Wedding Reception Viennese Hour

A delightful wedding trend is recent years has been the Viennese hour. This event takes place at the reception following dinner and it is essentially a display of every delicious ... Read More »

Choosing From A Variety Of Wedding Dress Patterns

He's "popped the question" and you're ready to hit the bridal shops for that wedding dress. But where do your start? There are so many wedding dress patterns to choose ... Read More »

Plus Size Wedding Dresses – Looking Your Best On Your Special Day

Finding plus size wedding dresses might seem a daunting task to do, but you would be surprised of how easy it actually is. As long as you know the tricks, ... Read More »

What You Should Wear Under Your Wedding Dress

You've got almost everything in place: you've got the venue for both the wedding ceremony and reception. The menu has been set. Flowers, photographers, souvenirs, dresses – you've got them. ... Read More »

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