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Easy Steps To Design Your Own Wedding Dress

Choosing a dress may take a good deal of time, but choosing a wedding dress will take much more time that you can imagine. What do you do when you ... Read More »

Picking Out Your Beach Wedding Dress

Any woman may have dreamed of getting married at the beach, making the occasion extra special, unique and exciting. A beach wedding may look less formal and relaxed, but careful ... Read More »

Japanese Wedding Dress

If you are a woman of Japanese heritage or marrying a man who is Japanese, you will want to consider following at least some of the traditions of Japanese culture ... Read More »

Reusing Your Wedding Dress

The celebrations are over and your married life has just begun. Reliving the events of your amazing day you sit longingly gazing at the dress bag that contains your beloved ... Read More »

Creating A Barbecue Wedding Theme

If you mention a barbecue most people will think of eating burgers and hotdogs outdoors while a man cooks at the grill in a big apron with lots of forks ... Read More »

Getting Into And Out Of Your Wedding Dress

Having fallen head over heels in love with your wedding dress you are now counting down the days, weeks and months until you get to wear your dream wedding gown. ... Read More »

UAE – A Rich Traditional Tapestry

UAE is predominately an Islamic country. As a result, the local customs and traditions are reflective of and influenced by Islam. People: The virtues of courteousness and politeness are valued ... Read More »

How to Transform Your Wedding Dress Into a Beach Wedding Dress

Beach weddings are very popular during summer; the truth is, even if not during summer, these are quite popular as well. Despite of the weather, couples could always opt for ... Read More »

The History Of The Wedding Dress

Weddings have been a special time for thousands of years with ceremonies and celebrations being a huge part of the ritual. Special clothing has always been worn by the bride ... Read More »

How Did Martha Stewart Get Started and What Do You Have in Common With Her?

Martha Stewart was born on August third in the year of nineteen forty one in New Jersey. She was the first daughter of her parents, Eddie and Martha Kostyra. The ... Read More »

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