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Advice For Women Traveling in Egypt

There are many misconceptions between westerners and Egyptians about the role of women. Quite a few westerners assume that all Egyptian women must be veiled down trodden victims or burka ... Read More »

Second Life, Internet Communities and the Next Wave in Customer Experience

Imagine an island off the coast of Britain with a population of 11 million – growing at the rate of at least 1 million citizens per year – where the ... Read More »

Turn Your Talent Into Your Dream Job

We've all gone out into the job market for any of a variety of reasons – just out of school, changing careers for more money or better opportunities, looking for ... Read More »

Top Information On LeBron Basketball Shoes

LeBron James is one of the top players in the NBA at this time. Many people that watch basketball understand that he is a special talent and enjoy watching his ... Read More »

A Visit to Madame Tussauds is Never Stiff

Have you ever wanted to get up close and personal with some of Hollywood's biggest stars? Normally, throwing yourself at Johnny Depp or taking twenty photos of yourself and J.Lo ... Read More »

Travel Carry – Packing Correctly

To ensure travelers security, all luggage must be checked by the Transport Security Officer before taking a flight. This is done to protect travelers from terrorism. Packing for airline travel ... Read More »

Tulum, What a Sight!

Tulum Beach Have you been craving beautiful sun and real cultural fun? Then come on down to gorgeous Tulum. Whether it's for a family vacation or a romantic getaway, Tulum ... Read More »

Family and Culture in Shaping a Woman's Decision to Return to Her Zapotec Roots in Tlacolula Oaxaca

Gloria Morales PĂ©rez sent most of her life in Anaheim, California, living what for many Mexican immigrants is the American dream – hard work resulting in a lifestyle that included ... Read More »

Travel Tips – Get Organized

Now that you know where you want to go it's time to work out all the little, but important, details of your trip. When to travel, what documents will you ... Read More »

You – Your Appearance – Your Profession – and Your Selection or Rejection

You … Your Appearance … Your Profession … and Your Selection or Rejection Introduction It might look strange but it is a fact that your looks or appearance does affect ... Read More »

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