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Choosing A Wedding Dress

Choosing A Wedding Dress

If you're like most girls, chances are, you've fantasized more about your wedding dress than you've fantasized about your groom. Yes, the wedding dress is the highlight of every little girl's wedding dreams. Some want to look like princesses with beautiful, frilly gowns and a sparkling tiara on their hair. Some want to look like fairies, fantasizing about a wreath of sweet smelling flowers in lieu of the diamond tiara. Some want to look as elegant as queens. Whatever your fantasy may be, one thing's for sure … you want your wedding dress to be just perfect.

The Stuff Little Girls' Dreams are Made Of

Who can blame you? After all, it's your day. It's the day when everyone's expected to be looking at you, when you're the star of the show, when you're more beautiful than every other girl in the world, when your husband-to-be takes one look at you walking down that aisle and falls head over heels in love all over again.

Sure, you're sharing the day with your groom. But he only has to wear a tuxedo, same as every other groom out there. Chances are, his clothes and the best man's clothes are not much different. But you, you have to outshine everyone … the bridesmaids, the maid of honor, the guests, everyone. Beside, when you were dreaming about your wedding dress, he was dreaming about space aliens and rocket ships so the wedding gown probably meant a lot more to you. Your wedding dress really has to be perfect.

What does the perfect wedding dress look like, though? Should you choose a white gown like most brides? Or should you be unique and choose a shocking orange gown? Should you go for the princess look, the classic look, the elegant look, or the fairy look? Should you wear a tiara, a diadem, a wedding veil, or should you just place some flowers in your hair?

The choice is wide and varied and it pays to spend some time on thinking about what will be a costly and important investment.

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