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Ladies Pageant Dresses – Different Rules Apply!

Choosing the right pageant dress for the many different kinds of pageants such as Miss Universe, Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, Miss World and Miss Universe, is not only fun ... Read More »

Knowing the Different Types of Wedding Gowns

Shopping for a wedding dress would mean a confrontation to endless arrays of gowns that would other cause you excitement or confusion. There are different variants and styles of wedding ... Read More »

A Winter Wedding

A wedding that takes place during the winter can be very romantic and beautiful. Tradition dictates that most weddings take place during the spring and summer. Therefore, many brides do ... Read More »

Timeline Of Bridal Dresses In The Twentieth Century

There are only three principal public occasions in a person's life: baptismal, burial and marriage. Among the three, only marriage allows great honor for the principals. Throughout the tradition, marriages ... Read More »

Wedding Favors With a Tropical Style

If you are having a destination or beach side wedding then you may be considering giving your wedding a tropical theme. Surely, even if you do not theme your entire ... Read More »

Winter Wedding Planning

Weddings in winter can set the mood upright. When winter is all about wool, wine, and food, why miss out on weddings? Here are a few ideas to help you ... Read More »

Seating For Outdoor Weddings

When you are getting married in a place like a church, you will not have much choice in the type of seating at the ceremony. For an outdoor wedding, however, ... Read More »

Coffee Wedding Favors – A Trend

Wedding favors have existed in the society for a very long time. The initial wedding favors were trinket boxes decorated by precious stones and porcelain. These boxes contained delicate confections ... Read More »

Wedding Exits With Style

There is a wonderful custom that when the bride and groom leave their wedding, their guests will shower them with something festive. This grand exit can take place when you ... Read More »

A Wedding Dress Representations Changing Times, and Fashion Trends

No matter what is the religion, caste or nationality, women always remember their marriage ceremony. This is after all a special occasion, and she will certainly want nothing to go ... Read More »

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