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Winter Wonderland Wedding Tables

If you live in the northern climates of the US, there's not much you can do about planning the weather for your winter wedding, but you can plan a winter ... Read More »

Wide Width Wedding Shoes – Getting to Know Your Feet

Wide width wedding shoe designers have now made to the fact that not all brides can get their feet into slim slender styling wedding shoes. This demand has woken designers ... Read More »

Celebrity Engagement Rings – Famous Wedding Jewelry

Everyday we hear about the up and down lives of celebrities. We want to know about their lifestyles and love-lives. We are intrigued by celebrity couples weddings and her engagement ... Read More »

About Wedding Flowers and Decorations

Bouquets Your bridal bouquet can come about having the status of much of a main detail having the status of your wedding dress. Come about daring! Our florist says, "Most ... Read More »

A Cultural Glimpse Into Weddings

Walking through the hallway of the hotel, I peered into various rooms along the way taking a look of the activities inside. Women of all ages were getting ready in ... Read More »

Types of Two Tone Wedding Bands!

Wedding rings are an integral part of marriage plans. Couples invest a lot of time and effort to choose the right type of wedding ring. After all, there are so ... Read More »

3 Dangerous Easy-to-Make Relationship Mistakes While Planning Your Perfect Wedding

I do not care what anyone says. Weddings are about marriages and not about brides. The star of the wedding ceremony and the reception is the loving relationship, not the ... Read More »

How to Save Money on Your Wedding

Here are my tips on saving money when planning your wedding: 1. Reduce Your Guest List When putting together your Guest List remind yourself that each time you add a ... Read More »

Most Unique Wedding Cakes

Most couples just have a nice, normal wedding, with a nice dress, classic wedding cake, and everything is very beautiful, but nice and normal. There are some people, however, that ... Read More »

How to Look Absolutely Stunning In Your Prom Dress

Prom night is one of the first times in a teenage girl's life when she gets to experience the glamorous lifestyle of a princess. Fancy prom dresses, boys in tuxedos, ... Read More »

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