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5 Hot Trends in Wedding Shoes For 2010

5 Hot Trends in Wedding Shoes For 2010

When making wedding preparations, brides usually give minimal attention to their bridal shoes. According to some people, shoes are not visible because they're usually hidden inside the wedding dresses, whereas others say there is so much money spent on the bridal dresses that it becomes very difficult to spend on the shoes. This should not be the case. Your wedding shoes complement your wedding dress and therefore, should be given similar attention.

The trends for bridal shoes change along with trends for wedding dresses. Some of the wedding shoes that are trendy in 2010 are listed below:

1. Antique-looking wedding dresses are hot this year, resulting in styles of wedding shoes that show elements of the past such as Victorian-style beading.
2. Sexy and more feminine bridal shoes are trendy for 2010. "Strappy" styles will surely make the bride look sensual and daring as she walks down the aisle.
3. Embellished shoes, especially those using crystal or pave adornments, are also trendy for 2010.
4. Another top trend for 2010 is shoes with various shapes such as bows. If the shape is echoed in the dress, it can give a perfectly coordinated look.
5. Feathers in shoes are a new hot trend for 2010.

Brida shoes are an important part of your wedding plans as they complement the dress. Trendy wedding shoes give a contemporary look to the bride and coordinate with current dress styles.Bridal store products are unique in their design and quality, at a highly affordable price. The store also offers free shipping, no sales tax, worry free returns and fast order processing; you can order all requirements for a splendid wedding. So, when purchasing your bridal shoes, consider what is trendy this year.

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