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Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary in Style

Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary in Style

My parents always downplay their wedding anniversaries. They've been together for over 30 years but seldom exchange gifts. It's not uncommon for both of them to forget their anniversary and only days later say, "Oh, by the way, happy anniversary for last week." I do not understand, I've always thought that wedding anniversaries are special events in the lives of married couples. Ideally, they testify to the endurance of love. They also provide opportunities to look back on your marriage and marvel at how far you've progressed as a couple, and the obstacles that you've overcome. They give you time to celebrate all of the good times that you've had and to look forward to the years ahead. I can not help it, I'm an incurable romantic. Plus they're a good excuse to throw one hell of a party.

Wedding anniversary gifts have long been associated with certain symbols and materials. Over time some of the traditional gifts have made way for more modern items, but they still serve to highlight milestones that are generally achieved year by year. Gifts for the first few years tend to symbolize endurance, commitment and growth. First year anniversary gifts, for example, include paper and clocks. Paper is supposed to symbolize strength, like the strength that comes from the interlocking threads from which paper is made. A clock is a testament to your dedication and commitment to the road ahead. Cotton, a second year gift, stands for durability and versatility.

It's only really from the tenth year that gifts start to increase in value, which is equated with the increased worth that your marriage holds as time passes. One of the recommended gifts for a tenth year anniversary is diamonds. Diamonds feature in many anniversaries, probably because they are so precious, but also because they are impossible to break. Other ten-year gifts include tin and aluminum, to once again remind you that your marriage needs to be flexible and strong.

My grandsparents were married for over 60 years, at which point diamonds and gold feature prominently. It is also at this point that diamonds stop serving as a reminder to be strong and start testifying to the constancy of your love. If you've been avoiding diamonds since your 10th anniversary, now is the time to splash out on something extravagant. A magnificent yellow diamond, the traditional 60-year anniversary gift, bought to do it.

Marriages are successful not only because of the hard work of the couple concerned, but also because the couple has the love and support of friends and family. As the years progress and you venture into the double figures, it's important to occasionally include your extended circle of loved ones in your celebrations.

Significant wedding anniversaries that should be celebrated with a proper shindig can probably be counted in decades, starting with the 10th and moving on up. On occasions such as these it's often a good idea to hire professionals to handle all of the arrangements, from the catering through to the d├ęcor and the clean up afterwards. Any number of events companies specialize in private celebrations such as wedding anniversaries. You can rely on their vast experience in the field to ensure that all of your anniversaries are as magical and as memorable as your years of marriage have been.

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