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Color Suggestions for Wedding Attendants

Color Suggestions for Wedding Attendants


Colors like wine / creme, wine / champagne, and wine / gold are really nice colors to go with an October wedding. I think those color choices compliment each other beautifully, particularly the wine, gold, and champagne. Other colors to throw in there that would go nicely would be a defect shade of copper and another lighter / darker red. Because it will be in the fall time of year, she could always coordinate oranges in there as well with flowers and centerpieces.

September is a month where you can really use some of the deep, rich colors. Consider combining the green, which you like, with browns, yellows, oranges, reds and cream. It would also look pretty with cocoa and cream colors. Keep your attendants in mind when selecting colors as you want everyone to look good in the colors.

One example, you could have your attendees wear cocoa dresses with a cream sash and carry bouquets of the rich mixed colors. This is one way to tie in the green.

You could also use it in the linens. I think if you use the green as an accent, it should work beautifully. Once you've selected your florist, they will also be able to help you put the colors together.

You need first to select your own dress (if you have not done this already) then pick out the dresses for your attendants.

The light green would go beautifully with a darker green or a darker red / orange. This would "ground" the color in a more summer-fall transitional theme. You could use three colors- the light green, a darker green (dark sage, hunter, etc), and pair it with a gold, yellow, burnt orange, or dark red for accents.

I'm not sure how you want to introduce the new color / s but I suggest suggest bringing more of the pink in or sometimes gold, as the colors you have already chosen are 'warm'. Tense can be completed with claret accents which would look lovely.

Colors are traditionally given to the bridal party (Bride, BMs, MOH, Groomsmen) to make them more distinguishable. Usually the Mums tone with the bridal party but just to complement rather than match.
If they wanted to complement then you could always look at some sort of patterned material with an ivory / cream / gold background, with the pattern in a mauve or pink.

I find it works well to give the swatches of the color out and then the ladies can buy their outfits to tone (as long they confer so they do not end up with the same or similar outfits!).

As I said, introducing more colors can complicate the look but if you go for more subtle shades as suggested, this should enrich the look without cluttering it.

It would be possible to have the bridesmaids dresses match the color of your sash then accessorize them with darker pink and sea green sashes? This carries the theme of your pale blush color, but also puts life into it. Use silver as your accent color, in the bouquets as well as the table arrangements.

Another color that would work is coco brown with blush or pink sashes. However brown would really need gold instead of silver. A rich cream would also be beautiful with the green and pink accents.

Yes, the three colors would work beautifully together. If you use the lighter colors, use heavier fabric, since the wedding is in October.

Yellow and orange would also work.

I am getting married in August of 2007 my colors are going to be red and black.

First, the first thing I would say would be to stick with all white for your bouquet. Your maids should have red. Stick with black for ribbon only. The reason is that any flower that is black … will look like a hole in the pictures. You may use your white for filler … if you like to soften the red.

As to where you should purchase your flowers? For fresh flowers … I am always encouraging local suppliers, first. But if you have a hard time to get the flowers that you really want or there is a shortage on the type of flowers that you would like then I would go with the Internet as a last resort for fresh flowers. Always order a test if you are going with an Internet source.


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