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Evening Dress Fabrics

Evening Dress Fabrics


The fabric of your evening dress is as important as the style and design. You have to wear it in a comfortable way but the fabric needs to match the style. Here are some briefings of the most common evening dress fabrics.

Silk is a soft, natural fibre, and one of the most expensive fabrics available. Its threads are used to create a wide range of other fabrics.

Satin is actually a very densely woven silk with a pearlescent sheen on one side.

Duchess satin is a blend of silk and rayon. This makes it is more affordable than pure silk satin.

Shantung is a heavy fabric made from either silk, cotton or synthetic fibres. It’s slightly rough in texture.

Silk dupion is created by weaving together two rough silk threads in different colours to get a crisp, shimmering fabric.

Chiffon is a delicate, transparent fabric made from either silk or rayon.

Taffeta is made from either silk or synthetic fibres. The result is a stiff fabric with a smooth finish.

Tulle is traditionally used for tutus and veils. It’s a netting made from silk, nylon or rayon that is starched stiff.

Organza is a sheer silk or synthetic material that’s stiff, but less coarse than tulle.

Brocade is a heavy jacquard-woven fabric that’s created with metallic threads for texture and pattern.

Damask is similar to brocade in that it has designs woven into the fabric, but it’s lighter in weight.

Polyester is a synthetic fibre that can be woven into most fabrics to lower the overall cost of the material.

Rayon is a manufactured fabric with a smooth quality that makes it similar to silk, but more affordable.

Beaded fabrics can cost between $60 to $500 per metre, depending on the amount of work and the quality of the base fabric.

Lace fabrics vary in patterns and price. The highest-quality laces come from France, Italy and Switzerland. French Chantilly lace is widely considered to be the most desirable as it’s extremely delicate. Its popularity is reflected in the price, which can range from $200 to $800 per metre, depending on the amount of detailing. Guipure lace is often used for the bodices and sleeves of wedding gowns. It’s woven from cotton, and has a heavy look that gives it a 1960s retro appeal.


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