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"First Look" for the Best Wedding Experience

"First Look" for the Best Wedding Experience

The “First Look” is typically staged in an a visually interesting area, the “First Look” is when the bride and groom have the opportunity to see each other for the first time dressed for the wedding before the ceremony. It also provides a fantastic photo opportunity of the bride coming up behind the groom who has his back turned to her, then the emotions flow as he turns to see his beautiful wife-to-be, in her gown for the first time. Fun and romantic photos you won’t get the traditional way.

Why has the “First Look” become so popular with Brides? What are the benefits of a “First Look”?

I know what you’re thinking…I want my fiancĂ©’s “first look” to be when I walk down the aisle.

True, that look he’ll give you when he sees you walk down the aisle is priceless. But, seeing you before that event will not change that magical moment. That look on his face as you walk down the aisle, will be there no matter what. The “First Look” emotions at the actual wedding are also tied to the emotions of your Father giving you away, the emotions of having all of your family and friends surrounding you and the emotions of realizing that it is, your wedding. However, when you get down the aisle, you don’t get to hug, kiss, laugh together, jump around or dance, you immediately turn to the wedding minister and begin the ceremony. A quiet time to see each other before the ceremony is the sweetest thing. With a first look, you get the chance to be giddy and romantic together. Those genuine, “oh my god, you’re so beautiful, I can’t believe we’re getting-married” photos are the photos you will cherish.

There are several other reasons why a “First Look” is a great idea.

First, you will be able to get a lot of your photographs taken so you can mingle with your guests when the ceremony is over. Just after the “First Look” couples can take their bridal party photos and Intimate couple bridal photos. Then, the only photos that are left after the ceremony are a couple of family portraits. You’ll get to attend your own cocktail reception and have a drink or two, maybe even some Hors d’oeuvres!

Most importantly, having the time dedicated to couple photos will ensure there will be relaxed, romantic and amazing photos of the two of you. Couples who do not have “First Look” photos taken often have a few photos of the just the two of them because of the limited time to do the intimate couple Bridal photos, bridal party photos and the family portraits in 60 minutes before the reception begins. (Family photos alone take a minimum of 35 minutes no matter how you prepare and ask everyone involved to cooperate.) This can be very stressful and very distracting from the your wedding celebration. Most likely, you will miss the cocktail reception and time with your friends and family.

Here is a sample Wedding Day Schedule with a “First Look” photo session:

Bride and Groom getting ready

Bridal Portraits

First Look

Intimate Couple Bridal Photos

Bridal Party photos

Return to dressing room for final touch-ups


Formal Family Photos and Cocktail Hour


Another reason a “First Look” is a great idea is because you will be taking your intimate couple photos right after your hair and makeup has been done. You’ll look your best for the photos that will most likely mean the most to you.

Respectfully there are couples that still prefer to not see each other until she’s walking down the aisle. Every wedding day is so personal and unique. The Bride and Groom’s preferences are followed above all else. From my perspective, however, the “First Look” is a great addition to the wedding day experience!

Source by Stephen Orlick

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