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Getting Your Wedding Dress Altered for the Perfect Fit

Getting Your Wedding Dress Altered for the Perfect Fit

When you have chosen or designed your perfect dream wedding gown, there are still some very important details that need to be taken care of in the run up to the big day. One of these is getting the bridal dress alterations done, and done right.

This does not mean making huge changes to the style (although, granted, you can, but that is more custom work than the work of smaller bridal dress alterations) – it's all about making the gown fit you absolutely perfectly. When it comes to relationships, there are a few issues you should keep in mind – this include, but are not limited to, the length of the dress, the fit around the shoulders and fit of the midsection.

The Length

Wedding gowns come in a variety of lengths to complement the style and the wearer, but no matter which you choose, you should keep in mind the fact that some bridal dress alterations to the length may still need to be done. When you are getting a floor length gown, for example, you will often find it way too long when you first try it on. Obviously, whether you purchase off the rack or bespoke, the potential bride will vary in height depending on her statue and what heels she chooses for the day. Towards the end of your fittings you will hopefully have your shoes finalized, so you can then get the dress tailored to the perfect length. Remember, it is much easier to cut a dress shorter than it is to add on a bit along the bottom!

But it is not just floor length dresses that may need to be adjusted; if you are on the shorter end of the spectrum and you want to wear a tea length dress, but find that they are all just that bit too long and fall in the strange space between ankle and calf, you can fix this by simply having the dress changed to exactly the right length.

Fit Around the Upper Half

While the length of the dress is an important consideration for the practicalities of standing around and walking down the aisle, the overall look of the dress is really governed by its general fit. This does not mean it has to be skin tight, but getting a bridal dress alterations to ensure the gown is snug around the bust, midsection and hips is a wise move. Your designer or dressmaker will use their skill to enhance or disguise certain aspects should you wish at this stage. You should also pay particular attention to the way the shoulders fit, even if you have chosen a halter-top or strapless design, it is especially important to ensure that the gown does not bunch or sag around this area.

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