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Hiring the Perfect Wedding Videographer for Your Wedding

Hiring the Perfect Wedding Videographer for Your Wedding

Can you imagine getting a CD of your wedding day and all the great things you remember, like your husband's reaction when he saw you, or the speech that your dad got, or all the fun that went on on the dance floor? You would have hoped it was just a dream and / or nightmare.

Hiring the perfect wedding videographer is one very important part of planning your wedding. If you watch any judge shows on TV, you've seen your share of wedding video nightmares, where the bride and groom are suing because they can not see most of the video, and much worse, they can hardly see themselves on the video . This is something you can not get back, once the damage is done, it's done. Your first step is to check with your friends and family. If you have friends that have gotten married, make sure you talk to them about who they hired before you go looking for someone on your own ask them all the questions and look at their video take make a determination. There is nothing better than getting a recommendation from a satisfied bride, they will be excited about telling you what they loved about their pick and will definitely tell you if they hated them and why. Beware though and make sure you are not getting a recommendation of a friend's family member and / or friend, because the recommendation might be bias.

If you can not find a recommended wedding videographer then start looking locally. A lot of videographers will have local ads on websites that also give them ratings. Make sure you do not overlook ratings, if any. Choose at least five different videographers to interview; more if you have that kind of time. Make sure you ask them all the questions. From how many weddings they have done, to references you can call. This is extremely important. Also make sure that if you get references, you actually call them and ask about the services the wedding videographer provided. Make sure you always get more than one reference. One thing you should not do is, hire a videographer because they have the cheapest price, remember you get what you pay for. If you do find someone with a very good price, than good for you !! But make sure you still do your due-diligence and get references and have them show you previous work. These things will help you avoid going to see Judge Judy.

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