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Lose Weight For Your Wedding and Look Stunning in Your Dress

Lose Weight For Your Wedding and Look Stunning in Your Dress

Your big day is approaching which is so exciting but I'll bet it feels like you do not have enough time to get everything done. I think every bride feels this way (although that probably does not make you feel any better.) You've got so many things to do, calls to make, invitations to mail, etc and most likely one of those things is to lose some weight so that you can look absolutely radiant in your wedding dress. In this article I'm going to give you some quick tips that will help you shed some of those extra pounds and feel good about yourself.

I really want you to be careful to stay away from dangerous methods, like pills or starvation, because they do not work and can cause way more harm than if you just did nothing. I want you to lose weight for your wedding and keep it off so that you will look totally sexy in your bikini on your honeymoon.

1) Lose some excess water weight – I do not mean diuretics (please do not take these as they are risky and can be addicting.) What I mean is that your body is very smart and if it is not getting enough water on a daily basis, it will store it up. To combat this effect, drink 6-8 eight ounce glasses of water every day and do not worry, your trips to the bathroom will subside as your body gets used to having a regular supply of water.

2) Avoid excess salt – It is amazing how much sodium is in common foods we eat everyday. Salt will make you retain water. Try choosing foods that say low sodium or at least lose the salt shaker.

3) Start a circuit training program – This is one of the best forms of exercise to lose weight fast but without embarking on a 5 mile run everyday. Circuit training programs combine light strength exercises with cardio exercises. Not only will this melt the fat away, it keeps you from getting bored. Even just 45 minutes two or three times a week combined with good eating habits will help you lose weight.

4) Eat a good breakfast – Do not skip meals, especially breakfast. Skipping meals makes your body think it's being starved and it will over compensate by lowering your metabolism and causing you to gain weight. Breakfast is probably one of the most important meals of the day. Try whole grain cereals with skim milk (you'll get used to it I promise), protein such as eggs (eggs are great and will keep your hunger at bay longer), oatmeal with blueberries or strawberries is also a good source of protein, but avoid the instant stuff (it's loaded with sugar.)

Trying to lose weight for your wedding should not be a crash diet or a quick fix because you'll just get it back and the last thing you want is to gain those extra pounds back on your honeymoon. You can lose weight fast and still maintain your health. Trying to lose weight should be a lifestyle, not something you dread because when you do not like to do something, you will not stick with it (this is just basic human nature.)

Source by Amanda Barnes

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