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PayPal Is The Best Way To Purchase A Pakistani Outfit Online

PayPal Is The Best Way To Purchase A Pakistani Outfit Online

What is the safest method to purchase Pakistani / Indian outfits online? I would recommend that people do business with designers / businesses who accept PayPal. Pakistani fashion is so much in demand. Many women living outside of Pakistan have been feeling frustrated as to how to get good quality Pakistani clothing at affordable prices. To fill this huge demand many Facebook private sellers have popped up. Many Facebook sellers are offering a great service to women, but some are taking advantage and women are finding it hard as to whether it is safe to do business with these Facebook sellers. That is why first line of action should be to find a seller who accepts payment through PayPal. Even if you have to pay a little more to those businesses it is worth it. In this way you have sent your money through a safe method and they will most likely be reputable because they know that if they are taking money through PayPal they will be held accountable in case something goes wrong, because you can stop payment and make a complaint if something goes wrong.

Furthermore due to the heightened scrutiny, Muslim Americans must be careful with their money transfers or payments, especially Pakistani Americans. I do not feel comfortable sending cash via west. union when on the application we are writing an individual's name. This could possibly be flagged and lead to questioning by authorities as to why cash is being sent in this manner. We are sending for outfits and new clothes, but if someone got suspicious and wanted to make trouble we have left ourselves open to suspicion. We should be conscious of this and make sure we safeguard ourselves.

It is true, that PayPal is not available in Pakistan but many businesses have a contact here in USA or other countries who can set up a PayPal account for them.

And yes PayPal does charge a percentage, but the seller can add that onto the customer's bill, I have been willing to pay $ 5- $ 10 extra to cover the charge of the PayPal service and I think people who want good service should be willing to pay for it.

If a customer send money through Western Union they still have to pay a fee. Also if I am not mistaken, money transfer also cuts a percentage off the amount being transferred. In any way you send money, an extra fee will be charged.

Source by Aneerah R Ali

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