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The Wedding Day From the Groom's Perspective

The Wedding Day From the Groom's Perspective

For brides, the wedding day is extremely special. For many grooms, the wedding day might be special, but in essence it's seen as the next logical step in the process of a relationship. This may seem generalistic, but many grooms have said that, because they enjoyed the day overall, not all of them got out of it what they were expecting going into the day.

The problem with getting married is that no matter how many weddings you've been to, it's hard to figure out just what one's feelings will be on the day they get married. Some will have a state of euphoria they had not expected. Those who really worked hard on courting their bride will feel a great sense of accomplishment. But for many others, the feeling might be less than euphoric, but it does not mean they're not happy.

On the wedding day, for instance, while the bride is going through the process of primping hair and makeup, the groom is trying to figure out whether or not to eat. The brides morning has a lot of activity involved; most grooms only have to clean up and get dressed. There's a lot of sitting around thinking time, and often they're either alone or with only one or two other people, while brides could be surrounded by the entire wedding party.

At some point it's time to get ready to go to where the wedding is taking place. Grooms may decide to get dressed early and ride over fully dressed, or they may decide to get dressed at the church. Grooms do not always ride to the church in a rented limousine, if the couple has gone that route, while brides most of the time do.

Once at the church, for grooms it becomes a waiting game. There's often nothing to do but pace around, as many churches do not have TV, and they certainly do not have a lot of video games to help take one's mind off things. So they talk and they'll sit and contemplate the day, and lifetime, to come. It's during this time where grooms have to be ready to step up to the plate. Some grooms have used this time to decide at the last minute that they're not going to go through with it, and that's a shame. Luckily, that's rare.

Then it's finally time for the wedding. Sometimes the groom is called upon to go out into the church, and is usually accepted by his best man. Then he's standing there at the head of the church, waiting for his bride. The show that precedes him is an interesting one that only he, the best man, and the reverend get to enjoy. At this point, it's easy to step back and be an observer of what's going on. But when he finally sees the bride, he hopefully knows that he's made the right decision in his life, and is ready to go through with a ceremony that will alter his life forever.

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