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Wedding Planning by the Zodiac – Libra

Wedding Planning by the Zodiac – Libra

Libra is the sign of brides born from late September to late October. Libras love beauty, art, luxury, and entertaining. In other words, they are born wedding planners!

If there is one thing that a Libra cannot stand it is anything awkward or unsightly. A Libra bride will have a finely honed eye for the finer things in life. This means that she will be especially particular when it comes to planning the details of her wedding. If one thing is not right, she will suffer for it. The quest for beauty and her high standards also mean that a Libra bride will have a very hard time sticking to a budget! But the end result is sure to be fabulous.

It is only natural that Libras love weddings; after all, the ruling planet for this sign is Venus, named after the goddess of ideal love. Libras are born romantics. They also seek balance and harmony in everything that they do. It can sometimes be difficult for a Libra to make a choice, because she spends so much time weighing the pros and cons. But once her choice is made, she will not second guess it.

When planning a wedding, a Libra bride will want it to be gracious and romantic. A natural hostess, you are very attentive to the comforts of your guests. A Libra will not be happy with floral arrangements that are too avant-garde. Her style runs more to classic flowers like roses, tulips, and peonies, arranged in simple but tasteful vessels.

Libras absolutely adore fashion and shopping. This means that the bridal gown will be one of the central parts of her wedding. Do not be surprised to find the Libra bride poring over stacks of bridal magazines, searching for that one perfect gown. You are likely to feel your best in a classic style with romantic details, such as fine lace or embroidery. Libras appreciate quality, and will no doubt want an exquisite gown.

Of course, the outfit is not complete without just the right accessories. A Libra bride will have discriminating taste, and so custom bridal jewelry will be ideal for her. By combining beautiful elements like freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, and sterling silver, she can design custom bridal jewelry that suits her wedding gown exactly. By selecting precious materials that are affordable as well as beautiful, the Libra bride will be delighted to have a little money left over for those “must have” hand-engraved invitations!

Food and drink will also be important to a Libra bride (actually, every detail will be important to her). Libras have an indulgent side that will swoon at the thought of a delicious meal followed by a decadent dessert. Sumptuous dishes like Lobster Thermidor and Beef Wellington will be right up her alley. Serve them with a fine wine to round out the meal.

The reception décor will have to live up to Libra’s high standards. A Libra bride loves classic style with an artistic flair. Opulence and luxury are also Libra favorites; anything crass or tacky makes her cringe. She will want the reception to be pleasant, harmonious, and inviting to her guests.

Planning a wedding can be so much fun if you know where to start. Work with the natural tendencies of your star sign, and you will find the whole process to be that much more enjoyable. For a Libra bride, this means having a wedding that is refined, romantic, artistic, and above all, beautiful.

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