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10 Things You Should Know Before Planning Your Wedding

10 Things You Should Know Before Planning Your Wedding

1. People who want to talk regarding the wedding: A large number of guests and friends are invited to your wedding. Each one of them has different choices as that of the other. Thus, there are a lot of chances of remarks and criticism among the invitees regarding your wedding. You must always maintain privacy about your wedding arrangements. Despite of the wedding being a public domain, you must maintain your own privacy in it.

2. No one should ask about the marriage plans: You should not disclose about your marriage plans or any pre-marital counseling with others on your big wedding day.

3. Feeling like elopement in tough situations: The wedding is truly a very big event in your life. The wedding arrangements are very big matters. The bride is under a lot of pressure at this time starting from make-ups to dress designs. Under such tough situations you may sometimes feel to run away with your groom in a calm environment. You should always stay calm and cool under any pressure and try to adjust to the situation.

4. The groom is indifferent: In some cases your groom may remain indifferent regarding the wedding. In these conditions he should be made more enthusiastic about the wedding. Since you are not the only member to get married, your groom is equally involved in it. Thus, he must also take equal interest regarding the wedding ceremony arrangements.

5. You sometimes may be disturbed by interferences: You may sometimes feel that the wedding is not yours. The other people most of the times take a lot of interest about each and every matter in your wedding. But should always stand by yourself and never hesitate to ask the others in stepping back.

Wedding Budget

6. The wedding budget: You should always be conscious about the expenses involved in your wedding. That id you should always be careful about your wedding budget.

7. The wedding plan: Most of the brides spend more than 200 hours for wedding plans. You should not waste a lot of time in it.

8. Do not take tension: It is very natural for you to take tension before the wedding regarding the huge wedding ceremony arrangement. The number of people to invite, dinner, decoration, wedding hall arrangements, etc. is always a matter of big concern. But you should not take too much of tension about it. It is better to share the wedding arrangement responsibility with your family and friends.

9. Take only the good advice: At your wedding there are many people who will give you a number of advices. There is no hard and fast rule to hear all of them. You should decide yourself which advice is right and which is wrong for you and act accordingly.

10. Be grateful to the people who really want to help you: There are many people in your wedding who are always willing to help you. They are your well-wishers. They are mostly elderly people with a lot of past experience. Thus, it is always beneficial for you to listen to their advice and suggestions.

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