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15 Ways to Include Doughnuts in Your Wedding

The first Friday in June marks one of the most delicious holidays of the year — National Donut Day! This celebration of this sweet dessert also has a sweet history; it was created in 1938 in honor of the men and women who delivered doughnuts to our wounded soldiers during WWI. So while you’re munching on your free donuts, peruse these delectable ways to include the treat in your wedding day.

Not a fan of the traditional wedding cake? Serve a tower of doughnuts instead: 

doughnut tower
Photo Credit: Ashlyn Dawson Photography

Choose sprinkles that match your color scheme:

Photo Credit: Joielala on Every Last Detail via

You can create a doughnut tower that matches any wedding style, from rustic:

rustic doughnut tower
Photo Credit: Nick Sherman

To vintage:

powdered doughnut wedding cake
Photo courtesy of Landlocked Bride via

To modern.

donut tower
Photo Credit: Jewels Photography 

One of the best things about doughnuts is the huge variety of flavors. Even with just piles and piles of doughnuts, you’ll still have plenty of variety for your dessert bar:

doughnut bar
Photo Credit: Teale Photography on Bridal Musings via

And who could forget about those bite-size doughnut holes? Serve a tiered platter filled with these mini treats:

doughnut holes tower

Photo Credit: Love By Serena on Wedding Chicks via

Serve them on skewers:

doughnut skewers
Photo Credit: Joielala Photographie on Canvas and Canopy via 

Or place them in bowls with chalkboard signs spelling out the flavors.

doughnut holes
Photo Credit: Love By Serena on Wedding Chicks via

Doughnuts are the perfect late-night snack. Serve your coffee (or hot chocolate) in to-go cups topped with doughnut holes:

doughnut hoies
Photo courtesy of

Guests will go wild when a doughnut truck pulls up to your wedding:

doughnut truck
Photo Credit: Abby Jiu on Snippet and Ink via

Send each guest home with a takeaway box filled with mini-doughnuts: 

wedding favor doughnuts
Photo Credit: Katrina Louise on Scratch Weddings via

Or pick up these favor-ready sets from Krispie Kreme!

krispie kreme wedding favors
Photo by: Rachel Fesko Photography on Southern Weddings via

Doughnuts can also be a part of your décor — photograph your rings on top of a stack of doughnut holes:

wedding rings on doughnut holes
Photo Credit: Love By Serena on Wedding Chicks via

Or even string up a garland made of doughnuts!

doughnut garland
Photo Credit: Sutherland Kovach on Polka Dot Bride via

The opportunities are endless. Have a sweet day!

—Kristen Klein

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