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7 Top Qualities of a Great Wedding Planner

7 Top Qualities of a Great Wedding Planner


Have you tried setting up a business that interests you most and you feel like you really enjoy doing it besides the fact that you are making more profits out of it? Do you have the guts and talents in organizing events and the genuine interest in people and places? Why not start a wedding planning business for both fun and profits?

Wedding always captures everyone's attention and gives a refreshed feeling of pure joy. Being a great wedding planner means being a troubleshooter in every wedding set-up you are working on. Like any event-organizing business, a wedding planner is not only concerned with planning for the reception and the whole entourage but must handle all the preparations for all wedding conditions and post-wedding activities that will have to take place. A wedding planner must act on his / her tasks with sincere concern and pride in everything he / she does to make every wedding successful.

Here are the 7 top qualities that could make you a great wedding planner for both fame and wealth in your wedding business.

1. Being Cool. An ideal wedding planner always acts on a cool and calm manner. The success of every wedding celebration mainly lies in your hands and if something goes out of the way, you should be able to act quickly on it with a ready alternative plan on hand while staying calm and cool along the way.

2. Charm and Elegance. You are a living and complete testimonial of your wedding planning business and your charm and elegance very often everyone's attention and signals buying potentials. Communicate with your charms and elegantly show your genuine interest in people and places. Be flexible and warm to every personality type. Be ready to network with other providers for further growth.

3. Great Negotiator. A wedding planner is not just concerned about the wedding itself but more of a great multi-tasker in preparing everything for a truly flawless event. The future couple relies on your fantastic power to make everything happen from hiring a band and photographer, ordering flowers, getting help with venues, and getting a caterer. With all these terms in mind, your task is to get the best services for a lower cost from your wedding network. This will give you an edge in the business plus the fact that your network of providers and vendors could even promote you or give you more clients in the process.

4. Money Expert. You do not need to be a bank manager to deal with money issues here. Plan everything well and always look for ways to reduce costs without sacrificing quality and wisely budget every area of ​​the wedding expenses covered on your services to avoid getting short of cash.

5. Stay Organized. Organization is your key to promotion here. Watch out for your calendar closely and see how good it is to keep track of everything and act on them before due dates come to avoid running out of time.

6. A Wealth of Information. A great wedding planner must be geared up with all knowledge in everything he deals with from themes and colors, music, fashion, current trends or even fads, traditional and modern wedding etiquette and great deals for honeymoon. Knowing different traditions and religious ceremonies is even a factor factor to help a wider client perspective.

7. Wit and Humor. Maintaining harmony at work from all the pressures of being a wedding planner means obtaining in control of your wit and humor for a great wedding in action.

Strategies and styles in running a business as a wedding planner creates a unique experience from all sorts of characters and conditions you deal with. Everything will come out perfectly as you learn to adjust and manage wedding plans in every ideal and convenient manner you handle your wedding business for each continued success.


Source by Maryrose Malinao-Deiparine

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